Is artificial Grass a good choice for my sports facility?

Athletic fields are a commonly known use for artificial grass. Reducing maintenance costs, increasing play times and enhancing the look
of professional, college and school fields everywhere. But the uses and benefits of artificial grass don't end after the game!  Artificial Grass options are limitless and a smart choice for applications big and small.


Are geese attracted to artificial grass?


Recent evidence has shown that the geese prefer natural grass areas over artificial grass. Canadian geese can cause a great deal of
property damage and are very dangerous near airports. Switching out some or all areas with artificial grass can be an effective tool in
reducing their impact.


Is artificial grass environmentally freindly?


Artificial grass is recognized as a GREEN material that contributes to sustainable building.  Housing and commercial developers appreciate the role artificial grass can play in obtaining USGBC LEED certification for their project, resulting in a variety of tax benefits.   Using GardenMark products can help builders meet USGBC LEED criteria under several categories (SS61, SS62, WE1, MR4, and MR6.1) and can provide an attractive, cost effective way to create a sustainable project. Learn more here>


Other than lawns what some other uses for artificial grass?


Municipalities have installed artificial grass on school grounds, daycare's, batting cages and dog runs all around the country. It creates a fun, fresh, clean and mud free environment for families and pets. Artificial grass does not contain any allergens, harbor insects or discolor from
pet urine.



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